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You Could be Making Multiple 6-Figures Selling Your Knowledge.

To build that digital product empire, at a minimum you should have:

✔️ Passive income products that create a base income salary...
✔️ Automated email funnels that qualify clients...
✔️ Sales systems to fill your group coaching programs on repeat...

Not sure where to start? Begin by taking this assessment to determine your best path to 6-figures. With this assessment, we'll determine if you can sell a high-ticket offer, suggest pricing based on your strengths, and show your best path to 6-figures based on your personality.


Go Live to Get Clients Micro Course

What you'll learn...

  • Dive deep into the art of emotion-based content. Because, let's be real, facts are great, but feelings? That's where the magic happens.
  • Strategies to engage and connect with your audience. No more talking to crickets. Let's turn those viewers into raving fans!
  • The secret sauce to crafting a compelling live stream series that not only educates but guides your audience to the next step.
  • And oh, the aha moments? Get ready for some major lightbulb moments that'll make your content unforgettable.

    You can also get the exact ChatGPT prompts I wish I had back then to quickly create your own non-salesy but persuasive live stream content.

Enroll in The Digital Product Masterclass

What you'll learn...

  • The 5 step process to make sure your digital product sells
  • How to create and launch a digital product in less than 90 days
  • How to grow your audience by 10-20 new potential clients per day w/o spending more time online
  • The “base salary” calculation for passive product sales
  • How to create five-figures in digital product sales each month without sales calls
  • How to get paid every time you get a new subscriber

    You'll also get a daily action plan and homework steps so you can implement right away.